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Tongue and Lip Ties

An untreated tongue or lip tie can severely impact the breast feeding process and can lead to speech, breathing, TMD and sleep issues later in life. Dr. Erickson has received specialized training in the diagnosis and release of tongue and lip ties. She has revised over 70 cases and has lectured on the topic both locally and at the Pankey Institute.

If you are having trouble breast feeding or have any questions about whether your child could benefit from a tongue tie evaluation, please contact us.

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When should I bring my baby in for his or her first checkup?

We would like to see children 6 months after their first tooth comes in and then once a year after until all the baby teeth are in. This yearly appointment is called a “well baby exam”. Oral hygiene is very important at any age. We often hear people comment that their children’s baby teeth “will be replaced anyway”. It is true that the baby teeth will be replaced, but in the mean time they serve a very important purpose. Baby teeth hold space for and guide permanent teeth in to the correct location. If a baby tooth is lost early, it can lead to issues such has crowding and misalignment of the permanent teeth. Prevention is the key so early exams are very important.

Our first visit will include a “knee-to-knee” exam while your child sits on your lap as well as education on oral care, diet and other ways to help keep your baby cavity free. These first few appointments are also very beneficial because they get your child used to seeing the dentist and being in the dental chair at an early age. This will help them develop a healthy and trusting relationship with dentists that will last a lifetime.

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